Closing the Gap

in Non-Latin-Script Data

Contribute Data

This form is still under development, so bugs are likely to occur! If anything doesn’t work as expected, please open an issue on GitHub—and make sure to provide as much information as possible for better reproducibility. We will continue to iterate on this form to include additional features, such as validation on entry, automatically acquired coordinates, and an option to load and edit existing JSON files.

For the time being, you can use the form to create a basic entry for our database of DH projects (and organizations) involving non-Latin-script languages. All fields are required unless otherwise noted. Once you have filled in this information, the “Download” button at the bottom will become active. You can then click it to download a JSON file that contains the relevant information and is compliant with our schema. Finally, in order to contribute the new record to our database, you can either open an issue at our GitHub repository and attach the JSON file, or send it to us via email.

If you are comfortable editing JSON directly, then you can add further information to the record before submitting it to us. This web form is—in its current state, at least—intended to provide an easy way of generating a schema-compliant JSON file with a basic subset of the information in which we are interested.

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